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Jeanne S.

"My husband, Jim, uses the back stretcher every night. It has been very helpful to him. It is very portable and he takes it with him on vacation. He has recommended to family and friends."

Bill K.

"I have been using the P3 Back Stretcher for a few months, 3-4 times a week. I have a Lumbar Vertebrae offset, with an occlusion pinching the nerve. By using the P3, I have been able to keep my back more in line and reduced numbness almost to nothing. Two of my friends at the gym have tried my P3 and bought one for themselves! Thanks for the help!"

Charlie H.

"This is very well made and solidly built using thick aluminum and thick rubber pads where needed. The design and engineering reflect considerable thought and testing. The stretcher works because you are pushing your feet away from your shoulders (the feet are held by ankle grippers, and you push your feet away by pushing on long handles). Entirely manual, no electricity, and no inversion: just lie on the floor and push.

I've only used it for a few minutes, but it does what I hoped it would: lets me stretch my lower back. There's a lot of aching during parts of the stretch, but I did them as "reps", 10-15 seconds of stretch, then 30-60 seconds of rest. After a couple of reps, the ache was minimal and I could feel my back stretching.

One of my concerns was that the stretch would be in the ankles and knees. Not so. All of the stretch was in the lower back. A fringe benefit will be some muscle building in my arms and shoulders, by pushing on the handles."

P. Brown

"I injured my lower back two months ago while exercising and was experiencing periodic horrible pain in my lower back and some numbness in my left leg. The pain was sometimes so bad I could barely walk (let alone work out) and even when the pain was not at its most severe, it was still pretty bad. In fact, the day my P3 arrived it was sitting on the porch and I had to kick it in the house because I could not even bend over to pick it up. It comes fully assembled, you just have to set the adjustments (instructions are clear and easy). I tried it and felt immediate and dramatic relief the first time I used it. The turn around was so great I actually went to the gym that night, and I could barely walk that same morning."

At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, this simple but beautiful little machine gave me my life back. I use it every day.

The P3 is sturdy and well built. All instructions and the DVD are clear and easy to understand. You can use it five minutes after you get it. This product delivers as promised. I give it my highest recommendation."

Wayne C.

"The P3 Back Stretcher works, and it works really well. The stretches take me less than 2 minutes. And I save both time and hundreds of dollars when compared to the physical therapy sessions that I used to have. I use this about once every two days along with regular stretching, and it does the trick. My back pain isn't completely gone, but I've only had the P3 for 1 month and I've made substantial progress since getting this. I highly recommend."

R.P. Jones

"I was laid up all summer with a ruptured disk in my lower back, and bought the P3 Back Stretcher to use as part of my rehabilitation effort. While the medical profession has varying opinions as to the effectiveness of spinal decompression/traction therapy, the P3 provides the potential benefits of this therapy in a very compact, low cost unit. Construction quality is very good and the unit is easy to use."

D. Dickason

"I have had a bad back for over 25 years and been to chiropractors and even had motorized mechanical traction done on me. All those things have worked to greater and lesser degrees depending on how bad my back was at the time but it was always inconvenient to make appointments and expensive for each visit. This time when my back got really bad, I bought the P3 Back Stretcher. I am impressed with how well it is constructed, but even more so with how well it works. It provides as much stretch to my spine as the professional motorized traction machines I have been on in the past. After only a couple of uses, the pain in my lower back is greatly diminished and I can feel that my spine is being properly aligned. I plan on using this routinely to keep my back healthy. I only wish I had gotten one years ago!"

The Instructional DVD guides you through finding your ideal setting and helps achieve maximum benefits. PLUS, the DVD includes 5 Healthy Back Routines, a series of 10-15 minute exercise and stretching classes by Dr. Shawn, including Good Morning (wake up and warm up your spine), Strength & Stretch (build your core muscles), Posture Correction (look better and function better), Exercise Ball (strengthen the core), and Inversion Table.